My Thai Adventure

Hello everyone, I had planned to upload more during the first week of my trip but no wifi (crying) but now that I have managed to get wifi just now I thought I’d give an update on what I’m doing/what I’ve done so far.. So for 18 months me and 20 other girls in my uni class have planned a trip to Thailand, more specifically Chiang Mai which will involve teaching children about health. We have a lot of fun activities planned and we really hope to be able to make a difference in a less fortunate country than our own.

For 3 weeks I will be volunteering in 2 schools and will be teaching health related topics such as: hand washing, dental care, nutrition, basic life support etc. In addition to this I will also been renovating within the school and will be helping turn a dirty, boring wall into a beautiful mural for the kids to remember us by. This week has been the best week ever and the kids are all lovely, living in the same conditions these children live in has really changed my perspective on life in general and I hope to do a future post on this specifically. The kids have all enjoyed learned new things about health and I can see already the important things we are teaching will help them through life.

Fun activities I hope to do on weekends/nights are visit the elephant national park, do a cooking class or 2, visit many temples and learn about the culture and finally visit the full moon party! If anyone has any good places to visit in Thailand let me know✌🏼



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