Fitness Routine

IMG_4085Hello everyone, today I thought I’d create a blog post on what I’ve been doing fitness wise recently and what I’ve being doing since January.

So let’s begin at the start of the year, basically I was a gym newbie, never really stepped in a gym before and didn’t know much about the equipment. Naturally this led to me doing a lot of medium paced cardio using the treadmill/cross training and whilst I did see some results it wasn’t untill I started watching others and seeing what exercise they were doing I knew I had to change it up.

After getting very bored very fast of just doing cardio machines at the gym I began taking some fitness classes my gym offers, mostly spin classes. I found spin classes very challenging (and still do) and this gave me better results due to being pushed by a PT. Around this time I also started lifting weights in the gym however, I was very shy and nervous so didn’t like to use any equipment if people were around. I would recommend starting a few fitness classes if you don’t get along with the gym as these really did change my perspective on fitness.

Fast forward to now, my weight lifting sessions in the gym are a lot better! I am using varied equipment for a good session but I still get nervous when there’s a gym full of fit people all in the weights section (but I’m getting better.) I’m now loving doing fitness classes, I don’t really do spin classes anymore because I began to get very bored as the routines stayed the same. The fitness classes I’m loving at the moment is metafit which is a HIIT class which uses body weight exercises and interval training, this class is an absolute killer but it works! I can honestly say most of my body transformation has been due to this class. I would recommend to anyone who wants a fast workout (only 30mins) and trust me you don’t get bored in this class. I’ve also been loving step circuits which is using a step board and circuit style combos which gets your heart rate going, I found this hard at first with my coordination but I’m slowly getting there. Finally body pump is another class which is a great all rounder, in this class you use weights to target all muscle groups and also do short bursts of cardio in between to get a great workout, I am always sore after this class and look forward to it every time I go!

Overall, recently I’ve been trying to fit in 3 metafit classes, 1 step class and 2 body pump classes a week as well as doing weights in the gym (goodbye days of doing 30 mins on the treadmill.)



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